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Chairman Of Key Congressional Health Committee Talks Reform

Rep. Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) is clearly adamant about taking some action that he stresses is imperative to safeguard the health care industry against crushing regulatory challenges of the highest Read More

J&J Gets Some Upside In Depuy Hip Replacement Litigation

When a judge allows highly prejudicial and case-irrelevant evidence to be “wafted before the jury to trigger its punitive instincts,” it is likely that an appellate tribunal will take action. Which Read More

Is Your Company Being Targeted In Health Care Fraud Probes

A recent in-depth media profile calls it "a target-rich environment for investigation and prosecution." That same report also stresses that federal criminal enforcement over it "stands poised to become increasingly Read More

5 Steps To Diagnose Medical Practice Cyberattack Risks

Patient safety is, or should be, a top priority in every health care facility in New York and the rest of the country. Safety can be at risk many different Read More

FDA's Regulation Of Doctor-Assisting Software Criticized

Much criticism of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from health care analysts and commentators spotlights alleged overregulation of the medical realm and its adverse effects on both business growth Read More

Is FDA Hiding Behind Guidance Docs To Circumvent Formal Rulemaking?

The process applicable to formal rulemaking engaged in by federal agencies is lengthy and laborious. A recent Bloomberg article discussing how ideas turn into final administrative rules describes it as Read More

Regulatory Processes Ongoing Shifting In Health Care Industry

Given the bottom line linked with human lives and patient safety, it is hardly surprising that the health care realm is one of the most tightly regulated industries in the Read More

Health Care Fraud Penalties Wide Ranging And Significant

Conscientious health care providers across New York -- doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians and others -- routinely think about care quality and how to best ensure that their patients are Read More

Implications For Sure If Amazon Enters Pharmacy Market In Big Way

Health care "is complicated," stresses a recent New York Times article. And, notes that piece, a potential new industry player might soon be coming to grips with just how utterly complex Read More

Many States Continue To Expand Medicaid Benefits

A recent study has shown that several states have expanded or enhanced their Medicaid benefits this year, with several planning to do so next year. The increased benefits were primarily for Read More

What Is The New York Office Of Professional Medical Conduct

There is a strong reason why a New York doctor or physician's assistant might want to turn immediately for help to a proven doctors' rights law firm following receipt of Read More

Fda Pharmaceutical Company At Odds Over Well Known Allergy Shot

Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, is a New York health care law firm that traces its roots back decades and has collective on-point experience over relevant client matters that spans Read More

Yes, Regulation Impacts Health Care: Dealing With The Future

Carole Faig, a regulatory expert focused on health care matters, concedes the sheer challenges and uncertainty that American medical industry actors routinely face as they seek to promote health and Read More

Licenses Granted By Doh To Five New Medical Marijuana Firms

The New York State Department of Health made headlines earlier this week when it announced that the cultivation, production and sale of medical marijuana was going to be greatly expanded Read More

Scrutiny On FDA Following New Study On Drug Warnings

As we have duly noted in prior select posts, many individuals and enterprises operating within the health care realm in New York and nationally are routinely under intense public and Read More

Front-And-Center Regulatory Scrutiny Now On MD-Owned Hospitals

Doctor-owned medical facilities -- chiefly hospitals -- are bad for consumers and the public health. No, wait a minute, they're a positive development that materially promotes a salutary bottom line in Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 37 posts


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