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Committed To The Success Of Your Business

Success is not a short-term issue. While every business will have hurdles to overcome, simply moving past one of these hurdles is not how most would define success.

At Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, our attorneys are skilled at helping businesses overcome individual hurdles, the immediate issues that frequently pop up during a business’s lifetime. However, we know that a business cannot simply overcome a single hurdle and stop. We make certain that the business can keep a strong stride, positioning it to overcome all future hurdles with ease so it can achieve long-term success.

We have decades of experience representing small, midsized and large businesses in the Hudson Valley and throughout New York and Connecticut. We have the industry-specific knowledge to benefit health care organizations, banks, manufacturers, small to midsized businesses and more.

Full-Service Business Law Representation

Our lawyers can represent businesses at any stage in their life spans, from formation to dissolution. While we are available to handle one-off legal issues, we are also available to provide general counsel services, and we have established decades-long relationships with many of the businesses we represent. Our services include:

  • Formation of business entities such as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) and limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Creation of operating agreements, shareholder agreements and other organization agreements
  • Purchase and sale of businesses, including asset purchase and stock purchase agreements, mergers, consolidations, affiliations and integration agreements and management service organizational structures
  • Buy-sell agreements between business owners including agreement designed to facilitate succession to future generations or key employees
  • Employment law matters for businesses, including employee contracts, non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants, severance agreements and wrongful termination claims
  • Contracts for the sale of goods and services
  • Leases
  • Succession planning

Business Dispute Resolution

Our trial attorneys are prepared to resolve business litigation of all kinds, including breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, defamation, partnership and LLC disputes and more. As in any business law matter we handle, our commitment is to the long-term success of the business. While we are well-known for our courtroom advocacy, we also value amicable resolutions that may preserve important business relationships. Ultimately, we are committed to taking whatever steps are required to obtain an outcome that is satisfactory to you.

Moving Quickly Toward A Resolution

In the business world, time truly is money. We are prepared to mobilize immediately to resolve any legal challenge your business faces. Call our Pawling office at 845-350-2837 or our Carmel office at 845-228-8041. You can also contact us by email.


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1140 3rd Street, NE
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