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Dedicated Will Lawyers

Creating or amending a will can be a daunting challenge for anyone at any age. Our experienced will lawyers have drafted wills for hundreds of clients, each one customized to meet their needs and ensure that their families and their assets are protected.

Whether you’re amending a will written elsewhere, or starting from scratch, our attorneys are happy to help.

Beyond Wills

Wills and trusts are the foundations of estate planning. However, they are not the only tool in our estate planning toolbox. In fact, wills have limitations. While they may be sufficient for some people, most will require other components to ensure successful estate planning.

Top Will Lawyers Near You

Our lawyers are happy to answer your questions about drafting a will. Our experienced attorneys provide will services to clients from the Hudson Valley, Pawling, Carmel, and Westchester NY, Danbury CT, and beyond. Call our Pawling office at 845-350-2837 or our Carmel office at 845-228-8041. You can also contact us by email.


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