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Chairman Of Key Congressional Health Committee Talks Reform

Rep. Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) is clearly adamant about taking some action that he stresses is imperative to safeguard the health care industry against crushing regulatory challenges of the highest order.

Here’s the problem, Roskam asserts: Health professionals are flailing under an onslaught – relentless and growing – of burdensome and often nonsensical regulation. The legislator says that the tomes of guidance and dictates that make an ocean of red tape for medical principals have strongly negative effects. He states in a recent article penned for a national publication that care providers are “spending more and more time on documentation, redundant paperwork and regulatory compliance, taking them away from patient care.”

Legions of people harbor that view, but Roskam is singular for actually being able to do something to relieve the cited burden. He is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, an entity through which he can prominently spot and seek to cure alleged problems.

And his group has already acted via its creation of the Medicare Red Tape Relief Initiative. The core goals of that program include taking steps necessary to eliminate outdated regulations and redundant paperwork, as well as streamlining processes to allow for quicker and more responsive patient care. Committee members believe that closely listening to and following through on changes recommended by health care experts will also yield the additional benefit of saving American taxpayers a huge amount of money.

Roskam writes that the American health system is now at a “threshold” marked by excessive regulatory exactions hindering quality patient care.

Many professional actors in the medical realm readily agree with that and welcome any promised relief. Hopefully the Health Subcommittee’s efforts will provide it for them.


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