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Medicare Fraud Case: Not What Legions Of Providers Want To See

Imagine that you — like virtually all your peers — are a participant within the sprawling American medical industry who merely seeks to go about your job on a daily basis in a conscientious and ethical manner. You could be a doctor. Alternatively, you might be a nurse, pharmacist, administrator, coding specialist, insurance consultant, billing Read More

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Government Entity Seeks To Regulate Health Care Costs; Insurer Sues

It hardly equates to a news event these days to note that health care costs are a material concern to scores of millions of people across the country, including high numbers of New York residents. Indeed, polls, surveys, hard empirical evidence, anecdotal musings and virtually all other information sources indicate that care-cost concerns are an Read More

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What Physicians Should Know About Allegations Of Misconduct — II

In our previous post, we started discussing how complaints alleging misconduct by licensed physicians are managed by the New York State Health Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the Board of Professional Medical Conduct. Our reason in doing this was to help physicians, who have invested so much time, money and energy into not Read More

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What Physicians Should Know About Allegations Of Misconduct

Those people who make the decision to become a physician know from the outset that it won’t be an easy endeavor, as the process requires a substantial investment of time, money and energy. Nevertheless, all this hard work ultimately pays off once they have their medical license, as they are free to start caring for Read More

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