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3M Prevails In Much Watched Defective Product Litigation

Large medical companies ranging from pharmaceutical entities to device manufacturers know that incoming litigation is a distinct and sudden possibility at any time. Indeed, America’s leading health care businesses suffer lawsuit-linked threats in a manner perhaps unparalleled in any other industry. The company 3M knows all about that. In fact, the device maker has been Read More

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Review Of Health Care Litigation Underscores Broad Playing Field

Vast. Comprising multiple and diverse participants. Under a layer of state and federal regulatory oversight. Complex. Those are core descriptors of the American medical industry, which is unquestionably one of the country’s most sprawling and complicated business realms. We spotlight that reality on our website at the established New York law firm of Daniels, Porco Read More

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The Arbitration Or Litigation Question Is Always A Key Query

The health care sphere is no different from other business realms in New York and nationally in that its participants – hospital administrators, doctors, insurers and myriad other actors – sometimes become embroiled in legal disputes that cannot be settled informally and amicably. Affected parties in such cases often face hard questions concerning the best Read More

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DOJ Upping Scrutiny Of Pharma Companies That Make Market Opioids

Although there seems to be no material disagreement regarding whether states across the country are battling a mass opioid-addiction problem, there are myriad questions concerning the source of the so-called “crisis” and related matters. Are overprescribing doctors primarily to blame? What about select pharmacy outlets and chains that are pointed to as being especially prominent Read More

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What Is The Health Industry’s Biggest Concern In 2018?

Health industry actors in New York and nationally face a number of stressing concerns as they go about their important work each day. And their thoughts are understandably focused squarely on patients while they perform their duties. “Patient safety is on everyone’s mind,” duly notes a principal with the ECRI Institute, a national nonprofit group Read More

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AARP Facing Barrage Of Legal Claims In Class-Action Lawsuit

If there is one organization viewed most widely as a friend to baby boomers and America’s senior population generally, it is perhaps AARP. That entity — the American Association of Retired Persons — is a nonprofit and self-described nonpartisan group that advocates for the country’s senior demographic on relevant issues. AARP additionally provides an array Read More

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Family-Products Giant Faces Challenging Legal Future

A firm of Johnson & Johnson’s stature — and, frankly, that makes for a decidedly short list of players in the pantheon of global companies — knows all about stark business risks and attendant downsides. In J&J’s case, company-directed lawsuits are a recurrent reality, especially given Johnson & Johnson’s huge presence in the health care Read More

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Under A Strong Spotlight Mandatory Nursing Home Arbitration

The question is simple and eminently straightforward, to wit: Should nursing home administrators in New York and across the country be able to require prospective patients to agree to mandatory arbitration to resolve disputes as a prerequisite to home admittance, thereby surrendering their right to litigate a contested matter in court before a judge and Read More

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Fraud-Based Whistleblower Suit Yields Adverse Result For Hospital

When we note on our health law representation website at the well-established New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, that our deep legal team is “prepared to resolve any type of health care dispute that may arise for a care-delivery professional or business,” that is actually saying a lot. And here’s why: Read More

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Reportedly, Health Insurer Settles Largest-Ever Data Breach Lawsuit

Concededly, pity is not a word often linked with people’s perceptions of business actors operating within the health care industry. Entities like large hospital chains, pharmaceutical companies, device makers and insurers are often viewed as too-big-to-fail entities that amass incalculably high profits and are beyond the reach of any real injury inflicted by outside forces. Read More

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