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Largest-Ever Settlement In Medicare “Risk-Score” Manipulation Case

Stories in New York and across the country seem to surface just about every day to underscore — as we note on our health care law website at Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP — that, “Within the health care arena, every legal matter comes with layers of regulatory and compliance issues that must be addressed.” Read More

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Growing Regulatory Concerns For A Niche Health Care Actor

Recent New York-based news relevant to the health care industry bears special significance for one emerging class of participants in that realm, on at least two material fronts. First, a recent money settlement clearly indicates a newly heightened regulatory focus on so-called “digital health companies,” which most consumers might more familiarly know as online health Read More

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Will Increasingly More Medical Actors Become Litigation Targets?

One commentator in a recent national media focus on medical actors being targeted in criminal and civil investigations refers to “a new permutation” that is well worth noting in the health care industry. He calls it “the beginning of the next round” for what might be in store for legions of medical industry participants, ranging Read More

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Focus: Expanded Liability Potential For Health-Care Entities

If you are a covered entity in any matter involving the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), you might derive some comfort from knowing that the legislation does not provide for a private right of legal action against you for any alleged wrongdoing under that law. In other words, HIPPA does Read More

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Cyber Attacks A Constant And Growing Health Care Industry Concern

We have stressed in many prior blog posts the singular nature of the health care industry across many dimensions, including, centrally, the realm’s uppercase concern with this constant and ever-growing threat: attacks by hackers aimed at medical actors’ proprietary and most confidential data. Although that of course spells a great concern for any industry, the Read More

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Medicare Fraud Case: Not What Legions Of Providers Want To See

Imagine that you — like virtually all your peers — are a participant within the sprawling American medical industry who merely seeks to go about your job on a daily basis in a conscientious and ethical manner. You could be a doctor. Alternatively, you might be a nurse, pharmacist, administrator, coding specialist, insurance consultant, billing Read More

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Government Entity Seeks To Regulate Health Care Costs; Insurer Sues

It hardly equates to a news event these days to note that health care costs are a material concern to scores of millions of people across the country, including high numbers of New York residents. Indeed, polls, surveys, hard empirical evidence, anecdotal musings and virtually all other information sources indicate that care-cost concerns are an Read More

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Keeping Hospital Administrators Awake At Night: Cyberattacks

Unquestionably, we live in an age of cutting-edge and quickly evolving technologies, with that reality transforming life in fundamental ways. The medical industry is hardly immune from technology’s seismic effects, of course. On the plus side, astonishing advances in medical tools and equipment have revolutionized operating rooms and treatment therapies. On the down side, though Read More

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How Medicare’s New CJR Model Can Affect Hospitals’ Bottom Lines

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicare spending for 2016 is expected to reach $560 billion and is projected to continue to increase exponentially with Medicare spending costs soaring to $866 billion by 2024. If these projections are accurate, there’s growing concern among many economists that the Medicare program will soon be insolvent. In an Read More

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Appellate Court To Decide Whether To Allow Statistical Sampling In False Claims Case

The complex nature of billing practices within the health care field makes it particularly vulnerable to errors and possible acts of fraud. In cases where a hospital or nursing home employee believes that an employer is engaging in dishonest financial practices aimed to defraud the federal government, a lawsuit may be filed under the False Read More

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