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Review Of Health Care Litigation Underscores Broad Playing Field

Vast. Comprising multiple and diverse participants. Under a layer of state and federal regulatory oversight. Complex.

Those are core descriptors of the American medical industry, which is unquestionably one of the country’s most sprawling and complicated business realms.

We spotlight that reality on our website at the established New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi. Our deep legal team of attorneys provides proven advocacy to medical professionals across “the broad array of law and regulations that apply specifically to … the health care field.”

Our representation focuses upon guidance that enables diverse actors – ranging from medical facility directors and doctors to nursing home administrators, pharmacists and a wide universe of additional actors – to duly comply with the oceans of red tape relevant to the industry. We represent individuals and health care entities in employee disputes and licensing and compliance matters. We safeguard their rights and promote their best interests as they respond to transactional challenges and challenges.

And we stand resolutely beside them when they are involved in disciplinary matters and legal disputes that threaten their reputations and livelihoods.

An overview of industry lawsuits and settlements starkly conveys just how broad the concerns are that routinely face health care principals. The national publication Becker’s Hospital Review reports that recent notable litigation in New York and across the country spans widely varied subject matter. A representative bullet-point list includes these topics:

  • Unlawful payments made to doctors and resulting government fraud, implicating the federal False Claims Act
  • Alleged purposeful delay by a pharmaceutical manufacturer to get a vitally important drug to market
  • False billings relevant to Medicare claims
  • Class action litigation concerning a massive health care data breach

Those entries are but a brief and partial list of scores of other charges routinely made against medical participants. Even in their brevity, though, they clearly reveal the constant and wide-ranging challenges that health care principals face.


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