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What Is The New York Office Of Professional Medical Conduct

There is a strong reason why a New York doctor or physician’s assistant might want to turn immediately for help to a proven doctors’ rights law firm following receipt of an adverse communication — indeed, virtually any communication — from the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC).

In fact, there are lots of reasons for picking up the phone.

The OPMC is the official state body that receives, investigates and pronounces judgment on complaints from patients about alleged problems with their medical care.

Its powers are impressive and, to legions of doctors across New York who dutifully provide patient care in the most knowledgeable, ethical and empathetic manner possible, a bit intimidating.

As noted on its website, the OPMC is the initial contact for a patient claiming MD misconduct of any fashion. Following a received complaint, an investigatory team reviews information and then decides whether to terminate a matter or file charges against an alleged offender. If the latter outcome ensues, the state’s Board for Professional Medical Conduct will hold a formal hearing.

That the board commands strong powers is crystal clear. They include the ability to censure a doctor, order retraining and/or additional education, levy fines, and even suspend or revoke a professional license.

And then there’s this: Even if the OPMC terminates an investigation, a permanent record of it is retained “for possible future reference.” And in a case where the board levies punishment, all relevant information is made public.

The downsides of all that are patently clear and certainly stressful to just about any medical professional in the state, regardless of how competent and conscientious that person is.

Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of regulatory controls over professional medical personnel in the state of New York can be addressed in confidence with an experienced New York health care law attorney who routinely represents care providers in legal matters.


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