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New Safety Concerns: More For Medical Entities To Oversee, Manage

Opportunities, yes.

And challenges across all dimensions, too, with related management and liability concerns — a reality that is simply a commonplace for American medical actors across all spheres.

Any individual in New York or elsewhere who is even remotely connected with the medical industry in any capacity flatly knows the unrelenting bureaucratic and regulatory pressures that industry players — from hospital/clinic managers, physicians, social workers and pharmacists to lab technicians, nursing home staff, therapists, device makers, drug manufacturers and myriad other participants — routinely face on the job each day.

A new report authored by a national nonprofit group focused upon medical processes and improvements both underscores the prominent spotlight that the medical realm is always under and the ever-growing glare that bathes the industry in a high-profile way as it constantly battles with new concerns.

The ECRI Institute just released its annual “Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations,” a list that has received prominent play now for a number of years.

ECRI’s compilation points to matters that might reasonably expect to be seen in a high-tech medical environment that grows consistently faster and more complex.

Electronic health records are the cited concern that tops ECRI’s list, with a news release from the nonprofit pointing to the “troves of information” that industry professionals must deal with at all times.

So-called “patient deterioration” is another prominent concern, which ECRI notes “can have catastrophic consequences if undetected.”

Candidly, notable risks, punishing exactions for failure and unabating liability concerns for actors who strive for best results while being heavily challenged on a daily basis — these and attendant realities are just par for the course in the medical realm.

Medical industry actors often have a strong need for timely counsel and effectively tailored representation from practitioners in a proven health care law firm who intimately understand their workplace realities and concerns.

Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, is such a firm. We welcome contacts from medical professionals regarding any legal matter that is affecting their business or personal standing, as well as the opportunity to apply our acumen on their behalf in a way that fully promotes their rights and interests.


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