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2017: A Year Of Continuing Challenges For The Health Care Industry

As we duly note on a health law-related page of our website at the proven New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, the American health care industry is replete with “layers of regulatory and compliance issues that must be addressed.”

Everyone who is involved at all with the industry — and that is virtually every American — knows well that it is a sprawling and complex realm perhaps unrivaled by any other business sphere.

And it is unquestionably regulated to a degree unsurpassed in any other field.

Medicine is flatly serious business, of course, and it is closely linked with peerless technology that is constantly evolving into new platforms. Patient privacy is a huge concern. Medical device safety is a constant focus. The advent of electronic health records is spawning new concerns. Pharmaceutical efforts — research and development, clinical trials and more — are always under an exacting regulatory spotlight. Government-funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid are consistently poked and prodded.

Will 2017 dampen any of the usual close scrutiny of the industry?

Undoubtedly not. In fact, one recent national media report states that the health care field “will face unique challenges in 2017,” which will surely test the collective energies and resources of medical principals and participants to a degree never noted before.

One of those challenges relates to Obamacare, which, as many of our readers know well, will be immediately challenged by the incoming Trump Administration and a large swath of the Republican Party.

Will that legislation be repealed outright, modified only in part, or perhaps left largely untouched, notwithstanding the blistering rhetoric that opponents have long launched against it?

Candidly, it’s too soon to know. However things ultimately evolve, though, one thing is certain: the health industry will be dealing — as is always is — with challenging new laws and regulations.


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