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Health Care Law: Singular Industry Mandating On-Point Experience

If you’re an actor within the health care industry having a legal problem relating to a transaction or contractual matter, you just need to ring up a business and commercial law attorney, right?

Many individuals and business entities needing legal help — including medical industry participants — often assume that lawyers operating within a particular legal sphere uniformly work across all its dimensions and equally command about the same degree of experience and competence when it comes to their client representation.

Candidly, that is a dangerous assumption as regards the health care industry, where one business law lawyer can be light years apart from another in practice area acumen and effectiveness in resolving thorny and complex problems across a broad universe of concerns.

Unquestionably, the medical industry is a flatly distinct and singular business realm, which many attorneys broadly practicing business law know very little — if anything — about. As we note on our website at the New York health law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, “Regulatory and compliance issues within the health care industry add levels of complexity to transactions that might be considered run-of-the-mill in any other field.”

That is just a fact. It is a reason, too, why health care participants and entities ranging from doctors, hospital administrators and surgical centers to nursing homes, medical equipment companies and billing offices reasonably seek out lawyers who practice persistently and across all dimensions in the health field.

That is what our attorneys have been doing for decades, representing virtually all actors in the industry in virtually every conceivable transaction matter that can arise.

We welcome readers’ inquiries. You can be assured of our professionalism and absolute commitment to the fullest promotion of your legal rights and interests.


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