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Will Private Hospital Compliance Matters Soon Be Made Public?

Health care facilities should be concerned about regulatory compliance matters for the sake of their future business operations. If violations are found, a facility might lose its accreditation and/or right to lawfully operate.

Yet according to a recent article, passing an inspection from a private health care accreditor may not necessarily put a facility in the clear. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, hospitals that are overseen by private health care accreditors may still have serious safety deficiencies. Since private accreditors inspect nearly 90 percent of the nation’s hospitals, this could be a sizable problem.

CMS came to its conclusion after conducting its own oversight inspections. In many instances, it found serious regulatory violations within 60 days after a private accreditor had given the green light. To remedy the disparity, CMS has released draft regulations that would require private inspectors to release their inspection reports to the public. Notably, government inspection reports already follow this practice, with reports of nursing home and some hospital inspections available online.

Our New York health law firm understands how much is at stake in regulatory and compliance matters. We have counseled many medical professionals and facilities not only about the laws that may apply to them, but also in working to remedy deficiencies. Many of our clients also seek our help in devising proactive strategies to ensure future compliance with health care regulations. Our attorneys are well versed in the intersection of laws that apply in the health care arena, including business and corporate law, as well as industry-specific medical regulations.

Source: NPR, “Secret Data On Hospital Inspections May Soon Become Public,” Charles Ornstein, April 18, 2017


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