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We Need More Doctors: Here’s Something To Think About

“Within the health care arena, every legal matter comes with layers of regulatory and compliance issues that must be addressed.”

We prominently state that reality on a website page at Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, where our attorneys collectively command many decades of on-point and proven health law experience that we apply on behalf of diverse clients across New York and in additional areas.

Here’s an example of the byzantine regulatory hurdles applicable to one important realm within the health care industry, namely, the focus on ensuring that a sufficient and adequately trained physician workforce exists in the United States to respond to the medical needs of all Americans.

As noted in one recent media report addressing medical licensing regulations, there is presently a dire shortage of doctors across the country, with it being posited that about 90,000 new physicians will be needed by 2025 to adequately cater to patient needs.

And yet, notwithstanding broad agreement that bright and accomplished foreign-trained doctors currently practicing overseas can help address the shortage, research indicates that about half of those professionals who seek residency status in the United States are turned down on their first attempt.

Unsurprisingly, the requirements to be fully accredited as an American doctor are many, complex and stringent for foreign doctors.

And, while that is as it should be, a central point made in the above media focus is that the regulatory system leading to a potential stamp of approval is essentially an overly confusing and burdensome scheme that has little consistency across state borders.

As a result, the report notes, “current regulations have created sizable barriers to opportunity,” with an “overly convoluted and lengthy process” militating against the inclusion of competent and proven doctors who are badly needed within the country.

Red tape. It is something that centrally marks the medical industry, perhaps singularly so.

An experienced law firm centrally devoted to health law matters is often called upon to offer guidance and diligent legal representation to protect the interests and promote the goals of industry participants, from doctors to hospital administrators.

The attorneys at Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, can readily respond to the questions and concerns of any individual or organization within the health care universe regarding any legally related matter.

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