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Recent Medical Study Underscores Scrutiny Of Health Care Industry

It really never stops, and that implacable reality becomes firmly cemented for any actor within the medical field the instant that he or she begins training for an ultimate position as a doctor, pharmacist, lab technician, therapist, facility administrator or other role in the industry.

“It” is this: the unrelenting scrutiny that is focused on the medical care field by local, state and federal regulators. To many industry participants, it can easily seem like they everything they do throughout the day — from their protocols linked with seeing patients to the steps they take in filling prescriptions and delivering medicines, from their billing practices to their recordkeeping policies and more — is under a microscope, with stark liability-related downsides operative at every turn.

We term it this way on our website at the New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, noting that, “Regulatory and compliance issues within the health care industry add levels of complexity to transactions that might be considered run-of-the-mill in any other field.”

In other words, it’s not just patients that are accustomed to being poked and prodded throughout the day. That applies most intimately to care deliverers, as well.

The central findings in a recent medical study bear that out and amplify the non-stop and ever-increasing reality of heightened scrutiny that is forever focused on the industry.

The bottom line espoused in the study is this: There needs to be even more of a regulatory focus placed upon hospitals and clinics that can help regulators and facility principals better measure facility performance, report issues/problems and take remedial actions to improve outcomes.

Most industry insiders wouldn’t argue with that. Doctors and other care providers want what is best for their patients and are willing to take steps and participate in initiatives that bring about that outcome.

But they know, though, that any new research discussing care delivery, regardless of how salutary it might seem, will inevitably bring more regulatory oversight and exactions.


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