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Implications For Sure If Amazon Enters Pharmacy Market In Big Way

Health care “is complicated,” stresses a recent New York Times article. And, notes that piece, a potential new industry player might soon be coming to grips with just how utterly complex the hoops and hurdles relevant to that huge chunk of the economy can be. Notwithstanding the regulatory exactions — authored by local, state and Read More

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Many States Continue To Expand Medicaid Benefits

A recent study has shown that several states have expanded or enhanced their Medicaid benefits this year, with several planning to do so next year. The increased benefits were primarily for mental health treatment and substance abuse. Some of the other treatments that saw expanded benefits include telemedicine, dental care, oral contraceptives, and cancer screenings. Read More

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What Is The New York Office Of Professional Medical Conduct

There is a strong reason why a New York doctor or physician’s assistant might want to turn immediately for help to a proven doctors’ rights law firm following receipt of an adverse communication — indeed, virtually any communication — from the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). In fact, there are lots of Read More

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